How To Determine Your Class Mode

As you’re probably aware classes at Columbia Basin College are delivered in three modes, online, hybrid and standard lecture. If the class is scheduled to be lecture mode it means you must attend class every day. Okay, for you literal types this doesn’t exactly mean every day since classes usually only meet Monday through Thursday, but you get the idea. If the class is scheduled to be online you will not be expected or required to come to campus for any class sessions. If the class is scheduled to be in hybrid mode it typically means that the class meets two days per week and you must attend class on those days. Computer Science and Cyber Security classes are offered at least once per year in each of the three modes. Hopefully you already know which mode this class is using. And once again if the class mode is lecture or hybrid hopefully you are already aware that attending all of the scheduled class sessions is mandatory.

One of the first things you need to do in this class is ensure that you know whether your section of this class is being taught as an online class, a hybrid class, or a standard lecture class. This will tell you if you need to attend class on campus and if so how many days per week. This is especially critical if you have restrictions on your time that may make it difficult for you to attend the scheduled classes.

If you don’t know the mode of the class this quarter you can determine this information by looking at your class schedule. You should see information that looks like one of the lines shown in the following figure:

Sample class schedule, demonstrating how to determine class mode.

Look at the code under the Section heading. It will be DII, DIH or something else.

DII – This code stands for DIstance Instruction and it means the class is online and you are not required to attend any regular class sessions. However there may be a few days where you are required to come to class to do things like attend an orientation or take a test. If there are any days and times that you are required to attend class they will be communicated to you by the instructor.

DIH – This code stands for DIstance Hybrid and it means the class is a hybrid class with a mix of online and regular class sessions. All students taking hybrid classes MUST attend class on the days listed for the class. If you are unable to attend class on these days you should drop the class and take it when it is offered as an online only section.

Anything Else – If the Class Section code is anything else it means that the class will be delivered in the traditional lecture format. All students taking lecture classes MUST attend class on the days listed for the class. If you are unable to attend class on these days you should drop the class and take it when it is offered as an online only section.

If you’re working or have other obligations that make it difficult or impossible for you to attend the scheduled classes please read the rest of this document carefully as it explains how I suggest you proceed and why I’m making this suggestion.

In the past instructors were allowed to let students complete the class material online, even if classes designated as lecture and hybrid. This flexibility allowed students who were working during scheduled class times, or had other obligations to complete the class and complete the class work while still meeting their other obligations. However, for some reason, instructors no longer have this option which means that students registered for lecture and hybrid classes MUST attend class during all scheduled class sessions.

I hope you were made aware of the mandatory attendance situation before you registered for this class. I fully realize that being required to attend class may cause problems for some students. But please be aware that regardless of how I feel about the policy I am required to enforce it. If you are going to have a problem attending the scheduled lecture or hybrid class sessions please understand that I strongly sympathize with your situation but the only option I have at this time is to suggest that you take the class when it’s offered as an online class. If you can’t come to class on the scheduled days you should contact your advisor as soon as possible to adjust your schedule.