Want to learn about Cyber Security and Computer Science? This is your opportunity to learn the theory and background and gain invaluable hands on experience in topics such as Cryptology, Computer Forensics, Linux Command Line and Administration, ASP.Net and more. Whether you’re a rank beginner who barely understands how you navigated to this site or a seasoned professional looking to add to your knowledge or sharpen your skills this website has the resources you need. These classes were developed by Tony Sako while working at his cover job as a college Professor. While we’re not at liberty to discuss his actual job … we can tell you he has a really cool code name.

Learn the laws governing computer crimes, the forensics analysis process, cracking passwords, and finding evidence in text files, image files, Windows registry, encrypted files, browser data, deleted files and slack space, etc.

Learn how to work safely and professionally, and the skills needed to build, upgrade and repair personal computers. You will also learn how CPUs function, how file systems like NTFS work, and how to configure the system with U/EFI.

ASP.Net class CS218

Learn how to create web sites using ASP.Net. You will learn how to control the site’s appearance and layout, interface with a database, password protect pages, everything you need to create an e-commerce site or content management system.

Learn how to use Cascading Style Sheets which are used to control the layout and appearance of web pages and XML files. You will learn how to use CSS to build pages that are mobile friendly and adapt to fit any screen size.

XML (CS 218)

Photoshop (CS 203/244)