CS223 – Course Resources

This page lists the resources that you will be using for this class. For this class you’ll be using several different resources. They are:

  • Canvas. This is the “master” resource for this class, as it tells you what to do with the other resources, and the order that you should use as you go through the class. Canvas is also where you will take your quizzes and tests, and submit your Lab Manual homework. If you’re reading this document I’m pretty sure you know how to use Canvas. But just in case you need a refresher I’ve put together a very small and quick tutorial which you can access through this link:

    https://tonysako.com/accessing-canvas-at-columbia-basin-college/ – Accessing Canvas at Columbia Basin College.
  • My website tonysako.com. This site contains documents and over a hundred videos that I’ve made to support your learning. Even though most of the material you use in the class will be on my website, it will be mostly invisible to you as you’ll access the material through links in Canvas. That is, you won’t have to login to my website directly. You’ll just click on links in Canvas to view the material hosted on my site.
  • Lab Manual. This is a set of hands-on exercises that I’ve written to provide you with guided practice over the material you will be learning. It also contains written explanations of some of the concepts that will help complete the hands-on assignments. You can download the Lab Manual from this link. Or use the link in the Class Introduction Module in Canvas.
  • CBC Linux server. You will be given an account on the CBC Linux server that you can use to complete the Lab Manual, and gain additional hands-on experience. You can access the CBC Linux server from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. Detailed instructions for accessing the CBC Linux server can be found in the Lab Manual. The instructor will email your username and password during the first week of class.
  • Testout Linux Pro Labsim. This site will be used instead of a book. (There is no book for this class.) The Linux Pro Labsim also contains videos, quizzes and hands-on labs. You have to purchase a license to access the Labsim for this class. You can purchase the license at the CBC bookstore, or directly from the Testout web site. Detailed directions for purchasing the Linux Pro Labsim, and setting up your account can be found in the Class Introduction Module in Canvas.