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Web Design Portfolio

When I was younger, I mowed lawns, delivered newspapers, and picked cherries. Some of the jobs I did with my older brother Gus.

Web design work can be easier, or harder depending on the client. But I still kind of miss getting up at 4 AM and driving out to a cherry orchard in Benton City and working hard all day.

Chinook Cycling - This site has taken the longest of any I've done, but it has almost everything. The site is almost totally data driven

Schutz & Flint - Yes, the band! Kendall had the main graphic done by someone else. It's a cool montage of the band and some landscape outside of Othello Washington. The web site has a flash player for the 3 songs.

If Walls Could Talk - Tracy creates vinyl lettering and stickers that look like they've been painted on. This is a cool product, we have a couple in our house. I helped Tracy with the graphics on this one. I'm waiting for .NET 3.5 on her web hosting site so I can switch her "ideas" pages to a database. (They need a repeater for multiple columns and the new pager control.)

Columbia Valley Concierge - Liz has a service that will book wine tours and golf outings. She'll get you some great discounts. Liz did the graphics on this site.

Garages & More - Wendy and Jerry have a garage organization business. They will help you figure out what systems you need to reclaim your garage. I threw together the opening animation with the idea that we'd redo it after we had some better before and after shots. Wendy and Jerry, let me know when you're ready.