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Education 2.0

Almost everyone agrees that education is important. But there seems to be quite a bit of controversy on best way to educate students. This is a really important subject to parents and teachers; and since I'm both a parent to school age kids and an Associate Professor at a college it's a subject that I'm constantly thinking about.

This section of my web site is about Education 2.0, which is a term for new way to teach, using Web 2.0 sites to increase student participation. I start by looking at how people learn, and based on this, define some requirements for teaching. Then I look at different ways to teach, and spend some time looking at Education 1.0 (which is the teaching model where instructor lectures and students are assessed by taking tests) and see how well it meets the learning requirements. The bulk of this section then looks at Education 2.0, the improvements it makes over the Education 1.0 model, and several ways it can be implemented.

There are also sections that look at the wrong ways to use technology in the classroom, the importance and utility of feedback in assessment, and how to measure the impact of Education 2.0.

This section contains my material on Education 2.0, which is about an educational model that uses modern resources to allow students to participate in their education. Instead of listening to lectures and memorizing facts, the students can use the Web, cell phones and tablets, video cameras, and other resources to become engaged in the educational process.

As a side note - this section of my web site discusses Education 2.0. While Education 2.0 uses a lot of Web 2.0 tools, this section talks about applying them specifically to the classroom to change the way the classroom and students function. There are many other great applications for the Web 2.0 tools. If you're looking for ways to use Web 2.0 tools in other settings, or more on Web 2.0 please see the Web 2.0 Section of the web site.

  1. Introduction
  2. How do people learn
  3. How do we teach
  4. The Education 1.0 Model
  5. Limitations of the Lecture Model
  6. The Millenials (The Young and the Wireless)
  7. The Education 2.0 Model
  8. How do people learn
  9. Assessing Learning
  10. Feedback
  11. New Assessment Tools
  12. Examples
The Concept of Education 2.0
Some ideas for using Web 2.0 in the classroom
How NOT to use Web 2.0 in the classroom (Education 2.0 sites that suck Stink)
How to assess the impact of Web 2.0 in the classroom