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  1. XML stylesheets (.xsl files)
  2. Introduction to Namespaces and Schemas
  3. Notes on using XMLpad w/ schemas
When you apply the "general" template <xsl:apply-template /> it will do one of the following: 1. If no templates exist - it will print out all of the elements (actually their contents) 2. If a template exists – it will be applied under if the following conditions are met a. A parent node has not had a template applied. b. If a parent node has a template, the child template will only be applied if it is called from that parent template. c. It is the only (or last defined) template for that node. If there are multiple templates defined for the same node, only the last one will be applied (at least in XML Spy and IE). When you apply the specific templates it will look for a template that matches the node defined in the select of <xsl:apply-templates select="path" />. If there are multiple matching templates defined, only the last will be applied.