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CS216 XML - Section 1 Introduction

This section provides an introduction to the class. You will be responsible for knowing the class and college policies on grading, plagiarism, disruption, etc. We will review HTML/XHTML and CSS, but you are expected to be well versed in these subjects prior to taking this class. You will also learn what XML is, and how it is used.

Section Outline

  1. Review of HTML/XHTML and CSS
  2. The XML Concept
    1. What is XML
    2. Using XML


  1. Syllabus
  2. CBC Students Rights & Responsibilities
  3. CBC Academic Honesty Policy
  4. CBC Lab Rules
  5. XML Book Session 1.1


  1. Create your resume as an HTML/XHTML document and format it using CSS
  2. Read the XML tutorials at W3Schools )
  3. Find at least three web sites with XML tutorials. Add them to the class wiki
  4. Copy the Student Data Files for this class from the O: (You will be using these files for the assignments from the book.)
  5. Choose the XML language you wish to use in your project. Inform the instructor which language you have chosen. Remember that each student must pick a unique language, and it is "first come - first served".