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CS114 HTML and XHTML (Web Publishing 1)

Class Outline

  1. Class Introduction
    1. Welcome
    2. >Overview of Web Design Classes (Need to make video XXX)
      1. This class covers HTML 4.01, XHTML, and HTML 5
      2. CSS
      3. JavaScript
      4. ASP.Net
      5. XML
    3. How to Use this site and the videos (Need to make video)
    4. How to Download Student Files (Need to make video XXX)
    5. Resources - Tools, Books and Websites (Need to make video)
    6. For CBC Students Only
      1. Class and College Policies (Need to make video)
      2. How to Download Student Files if you are a CBC Student (video XXX)
  2. Background
    1. What are HTML and XHTML?
      1. Creating a simple web page (video 1a0)
      2. What is a markup language (video 1a1)
      3. HTML/XHTML and HTML5 markup elements and tags (video 1a2)
      4. What are the differences between HTML and XHTML?
        1. The history and evolution of HTML (video 1a3)
        2. Syntax differences; which version of HTML or XHTML should I learn and use? (video 1a4)
    2. Why learn HTML and XHTML? Why not just use DreamWeaver, Expression Web (FrontPage) PhotoShop or some other program? (video xxx)
    3. What else do I need to know to be a professional web designer?
    4. The Web Design Community. Who makes the rules?
    5. Browsers, phones, tablets and the Web
  3. Getting Started - Your First Web Page
  4. Text Formatting
  5. Color Names and Numbers
  6. Images and ImageMaps
  7. Links
  8. Document Structure
  9. Tables
  10. Audio and Video
  11. Frames
  12. Forms
  13. Cascading Style Sheets
  14. JavaScript
  15. Java and Other Programming