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CS114 HTML (Web Publishing 1)

Section 7 - Document Structure

  1. Introduction, the main sections of an HTML document (video 7a1)
  2. Prolog section
    1. XML Declaration for XHTML (Redo and make sure it's for XHTML onlyvideo 7b1)
    2. DOCTYPE - redo all of these
      1. DOCTYPE, DTD and validation (video 7b2)
      2. DOCTYPE for quirks or standard mode (video 7b3)
      3. A better way for setting quirks or standard mode? IE meta tags (video 7b4)
      4. DOCTYPEs for copying
      5. DOCTYPE test suite
  3. AdvancedCharset
    1. What is a charset (Need Video)
    2. Declaring the charset (Need Video)
  4. html start tag and attributes (video 7c1)
  5. The head section, title element (video 7d1)
  6. title element length (video 7d1)
  7. HTML comments <!-- --> (video 7e0)
  8. Structured comments with the meta tag (video 7e1)
  9. Names to use for meta tags (video 7e2)
  10. SEO with meta tags (video 7e3)
  11. More meta tags - http-equiv intro and refreshing pages (video 7f0)
  12. More meta tags - pics label for rating pages (video 7f1)
  13. Testing the pics label (video 7f2)
  14. More meta tags - IE transitions (video 7g1)
  15. The link element and favorite icon (video 7h1)
  16. The link element rel and rev (video 7i1)
  17. Changing the base URL with base href (video 7j1)
  18. Opening links in a new window with base target (video 7j2)
  19. The body element - changing the page background color (video 7k1)
  20. The body element - adding a background image to the page (video 7k2)
  21. Background image tiling (video 7k3)
  22. Preventing the background image from scrolling and an animated background (video 7k4)
  23. The body element - changing the default text color (video 7l1)
  24. The body element - changing link text and border colors (video 7l2)
  25. Link text color(s) design tips (video 7l3)
  26. The body element - setting the page margins (video 7m1)

Additional Resources

Quirks mode
Mozilla Quirks Mode Behavior
x-ua-compatible meta tag - MSDN page for telling IE which version to emulate.
Beyond DOCTYPE: Web Standards, Forward Compatibility, and IE8 - From a list apart - Tests for combining IE X-UA-Compatible values
Google Webmaster Help - what Google has to say about meta tags and SEO.
Safesurf page for creating meta tag
Safesurf.rat - file for setting up safesurf on IE - Good resources on SEO
Introduction to SEO - an extensive slide presentation on SEO