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CS114 XHTML (Web Publishing 1)

Section 6 - Links

  1. Link basics and the a element, using text and images as link objects (video 6a1)
  2. Remote links, netiquette and SEO for links (video 6a2)
  3. Links to local files (video 6a3)
  4. Relative path names for local links (video 6a4)
  5. Named or internal links (video 6a4)
  6. Named links, going back to the top of a page (video 6a5)
  7. Named links in other files (video 6a6)
  8. URL Encoding, handling special characters in URLs (video 6b1)
  9. Links to non-html files, like spreadsheet or pdf (video 6c1)
  10. Links using other protocols, like ftp, https, etc. (video 6c2)
  11. The target attribute for opening links in other windows or tabs (video 6d1)
  12. Targets in Windows 7 (video 6d2)
  13. The title attribute (video 6d3)
  14. The tabindex attribute (video 6d4)
  15. Creating a menu bar with text links (video 6e1)
  16. Creating a menu bar with image links (video 6e2)
  17. Design tips for links (video 6f1)