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CS114 XHTML (Web Publishing 1)

Section 5 - Images

  1. Using images and introduction to image file formats (video 5a1)
  2. gif and jpg formats (video 5a2)
    If you love math (good for you!) and want to see the gory details behind JPEG compression here are a couple good references:
    1. JPEG algorithm
    2. wikipedia explanation of how jpeg compresses images
  3. png format (video 5a3)
  4. Special effects - transparency and animation with GIFs (video 5a4)
  5. Obtaining images (video 5b1)
  6. Basic image editing (video 5b2)
  7. Basic image editing with Photoshop (NEED VIDEO)
  8. img attributes
    1. src and alt (video 5c1)
    2. height and width (video 5c2)
    3. border (video 5c3)
    4. title (video 5c4)
    5. align (video 5c5)
    6. float and clear and controlling text wrapping (video 5c7)
    7. hspace and vspace (video 5c6)
  9. Image Maps
    1. Images as links - image map intro (video 5d1)
    2. Creating image maps - intro to map edit (video 5d2)
    3. MapEdit download
    4. Using map edit (video 5d3)
    5. The map data details on the map and area elements (video 5d4)
    6. Overlapping areas (video 5d5)
  10. Animated GIFs
    1. Introduction and finding (video 5e1)
    2. Creating image maps in Photoshop (video 5e2)
    3. Tweening frames in Photoshop (video 5e3)
  11. Image paths
    1. Putting images in different folders (video 5f1)
    2. Relative paths - going up and going down (video 5f2)
    3. Absolute paths (bad idea) (video 5f3)
    4. Images on a different server - URL as path (video 5f4)