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CS114 XHTML (Web Publishing 1)

Section 3 - Formatting Text

  1. Vertical Spacing - p and br (video 3a1)
  2. Deprecation and CSS (video)
  3. The font element
    1. Size (video 3c1)
    2. Why 7 relative sizes (video 3c2)
    3. Changing the default text size (video 3c3)
    4. + or - size (video 3c4)
    5. Color (video 3d1)
    6. Typefaces and Typography
      1. Changing the typeface with the face attribute (video 3e1)
      2. Basic typeface categories (video 3e2) serif vs. sans-serif, and variable vs. fixed width (monospace)
      3. Typeface design guidelines (video 3e3)
      4. Collection of studies on typeface readability and legibility
      5. Different typeface names on different platforms. Specifying multiple names and generic names (video 3e4)
      6. Finding and downloading fonts (video 3f1)
        2. Fontpark
      7. Building a font catalog (video 3f2)
      8. help identifying fonts - use the "What the Font" menu
    7. Setting multiple font attributes (video 3g1)
    8. Problem changing the font in multiple paragraphs or entire document (video 3g2)
    9. Text tips for visual design and usability (video 3g3)
  4. Physical Formatting - b, i, u, s (video 3b1)
  5. Logical Formatting - strong and em (video 3b2)
  6. Subscripts and superscripts (video 3h1)
  7. Quotes and blockquotes (video 3h2)
  8. Special Characters
    1. Special Characters by name (video 3i1)
    2. Special Characters by number (video 3i2)
    3. Unicode charts
    4. The horizontal space problem - how the browser builds the display 1 (XXX NEED VIDEO)
    5. Space Characters (video 3i3)
  9. Inline vs. block level elements - How the browser builds the display 2 (video 3j1 XXX Check to see that it has all this)
  10. Headings
    1. Headings (video 3k1)
    2. Headings vs. formatted text (video 3k2)
    3. Formatting Headings (video 3k3)
  11. Lists
    1. Numbered Lists (video 3l1)
    2. Bulleted Lists (video 3l2)
    3. Changing the list type (video 3l3)
    4. Changing the starting number (video 3l4)
    5. Changing the list type and value in the li (video 3l10)
    6. List display problems (video 3l8)
    7. Nested Lists (video 3l5)
    8. Formatting List Text (video 3l7)
    9. Indenting Text with Lists (video 3l9) - An old trick, but not valid. Do NOT do this.
  12. Aligning Text (video 3m1)
  13. Aligning Text Design Tips (video 3m2)
  14. Preformatted Text (video 3n1)
  15. Dividing Lines - Horizontal Rules (video 3o1)
  16. hr attributes (video 3o2)
  17. Accessibility - JAWS demo (video 3p1)
  18. Ruby (XXX NEED VIDEO)
  19. Truly Deprecated Elements
  20. Browser specific Elements