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CS114 XHTML (Web Publishing 1)

Section 2 - Getting Started

  1. Your First Web Page
    1. Adding Text, rules for saving, viewing and testing (video 2a1)
    2. Debugging basic problems
    3. Adding images (video 2a2)
    4. Debugging problems with images
    5. Adding links
    6. Debugging problems with links (video 2a3)
  2. XHTML Rules and Error Checking
    1. Terminology
    2. XHTML syntax rules
    3. HTML vs. XHTML syntax rules
    4. Online Validation
    5. Standalone Validation
    6. Nesting Tags
  3. Links to XHTML online validators. At a minimum you should try the following XHTML validators. Some of them also check for things like accessibility or also validate your CSS code.
    1. W3C
    2. WDG
    3. XHTML-CSS
  4. Firefox Add-ons for XHTML validation.
    1. HTML Validator - shows errors, but can't edit.
    2. Total Validator is a great tool, as it checks XHTML, CSS, accessibility, etc. You have to download two pieces. the Total Validator Code and the Add-On Code
    3. Firebug - a validator and editor
    The CSE HTML Editor and Validator can be downloaded from:
  5. Accessibility
    1. What is Accessibility
    2. 508 and WCAG
    3. Checking with Cynthia
    4. Testing with Lynx
    5. Screen Reading Software
  6. The Lynx text only browser
    Installing Lynx on a Windows PC

    Using narrator in Windows XP
    Using narrator in Windows Vista
    Using narrator in Windows 7
    Using VoiceOver in Apple's Mac OS

  7. Cross Browser and Cross Platform Testing
    1. Browser Differences
    2. Browser Usage Statistics
    3. Rendering Engines
  8. Viewing the XHTML source
    1. Viewing the source
    2. Saving the source and other resources
    3. Editing the source