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CS114 HTML (Web Publishing 1)

Section 11 - Forms

  1. The form and testing form data (video 11a1)
  2. An example of a basic form with a caption (video 11a2)
  3. The submit button (video 11a3)
  4. Textbox attributes (video 11b1)
  5. Textbox design tips (video 11b2)
  6. The reset button (video 11c1)
  7. Password boxes (video 11d1)
  8. Check boxes (video 11e1)
  9. Radio buttons (video 11f1)
  10. textarea basics (video 11g1)
  11. Controlling how the text wraps inside a textarea (video 11g2)
  12. Creating pulldown or dropdown lists with the select and optionelements (video 11h1)
  13. The width, selected and value attributes for dropdown lists (video 11h2)
  14. The size and multiple attributes for dropdown lists (video 11h3)
  15. The optgroup for creating submenus in theory and reality (video 11h4)
  16. Other input button types (video 11i1)
  17. Details about the input button types (video 11i2)
  18. Details about the button captions (video 11i3)
  19. Basics about the button element (video 11j1)
  20. Display issues with the button element (video 11j2)
  21. Helping the user with autocomplete (video 11k1)
  22. Helping autocomplete with the name attribute (video 11k2)
  23. IE and the vCard attribute (video 11k3)
  24. Adding tooltip text to any input control with the title attribute (video 11l1)
  25. Passing extra form data with the hidden element (video 11m1)
  26. Alternative methods for passing extra form data (video 11m2)
  27. Form design - control size in the various browsers (video 11n1)
  28. Uploading files with the input element (video 11o1)
  29. Using the tabindex attribute to change form tabbing order (video 11p1)
  30. Passing extra form data with the hidden element (video 11q1)
  31. Drawing boxes around form sections with the fieldset element (video 11q1)
  32. Display issues for the fieldset element (video 11q2)
  33. Accessibility - associating prompt text with an input control using the the label element (video 11r1)