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CS 111 - Web 2.0 and Social Media

During this class you will learn about the following subjects. We won't go through them in this exact order, in fact we'll jump around quite a bit, but you will learn about all of the subjects.

If you're an instructor, you'll also want to check out the information on Education 2.0.

All of the links on this page point to protected content. If you are one of my co-workers, let me know and I will provide you with a temporary username and password. If you are anyone else, you will be charged a fee to access the content.

  1. Class Introduction

    1. Course Objectives
    2. Class and College Policies
      1. Class Grading Policies
        1. Tests
        2. Projects
        3. Late Work
      2. Attendance
      3. CBC Academic Honesty Policy
      4. CBC Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy
      5. CBC Computer Science Lab Policies
      6. Educational Access
    3. Review of Online Safety and Security
  2. What is Web 2.0

    1. O'Reilly Definition
    2. W3C Definition
    3. Programmer's Definition
  3. Websites

    1. Google Web
    2. Wix
    3. WordPress
  4. Blogs

  5. Wikis

  6. Social Networks

  7. Photo Hosting

  8. Video

  9. Audio - Podcasting

  10. Document Storage and Editing

  11. Conversations and Meetings

  12. Surveys

What is Web 2.0
Doing Web 1.0
General Social Networks
Specific Social Networks
Social Bookmarking & Bookmarking in the Cloud
Photo Hosting
Cloud Computing
Audio Editing Podcasting
Screen Casting
RSS & Subscription
Making Movies
Editing Movies
Getting Feedback and Voting
Virtual Worlds

Here's the facebook page that generates the embed code for adding the facebook page to a blog or web site. You can also search for "facebook like box".

Want to see demos of adding Web 2.0 sites to your pages?.

Programming Web 2.0 Sites
A list of Tools & Tutorials.aspx

Free Technology For Teachers - This page has lots of links for educators at all levels and all subjects. Browse around and I'm sure you'll find something you like.

Web 2.0 Resources