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Do you love the pen tool? No ... really. Do you love the pen tool?

I used to hate it. For years I couldn't stand it. Everytime I tried to use it to draw even a single line I ended up with some weird blob. The pen tool was my enemy. But one day the veil was lifted and I learned what a beautiful, powerful and simple tool the pen really is.

Do I have a point here? Well ... yes I do. And that is, PhotoShop is a lot like the pen tool. I once had a hard time with almost all aspects of PhotoShop, but once I learned how to use things like layers and the quickmask I grew to love it.

I'd like to help you learn PhotoShop, but I don't want to just set another site with links to the same million PhotoShop tutorials. If you want to learn, you'll have to come to CBC and sign up for my classes. CS203 Digital Design and Graphics 1 is the beginning class where you learn about the basics of Photoshop, layers and selection, along with many of the tools. CS244 Digital Design and Graphics 2 is the continuation, where you learn how to repair photos and adjust for exposure and color issues, plus other advanced tools and techniques.

Adobe Exchange - Adobe has a great set of built-in actions.

Turn Down the Noise in Photoshop CS3 - This is the best tutorial I've found for getting rid of speckles and noise, without losing details.

The sharpening tutorial is at Using a sharpening workflow in Photoshop CS2
The multiple blur technique is at Noise Reduction Tutorial

AndreaMosaic is a great tool for creating Mosaic images, and it's free!