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CS218 ASP.Net Videos For Building A Complete Web Site (Runners Soul 2011, Phase 1)

This page contains links to all of the videos for building the first phase of the Runners Soul Web site. This is the rough build that I put together after talking with Scott, the business owner, and gathering his initial requirements and desires. There is another set of videos that shows the second phase of work that was done after reviewing the rough site with Scott. Most of the second phase involves refining the pages that were created during the rough work phase, but I also create some new pages and add a little intermediate VB code.

I've also zipped up all the files for the site, at least as they exist at the completion of the rough build.

The other thing you may want to check out are the videos in the Course Outline sections. These videos go into much more depth, and provide detailed explanations of each step.

  1. Create the Web Site
  2. Create the Masterpage
  3. Load Image and Database Files Into The Project
  4. Add Banner to the Masterpage
  5. Create the Default Page
  6. Add Content to the Default Page
  7. Center the Layout (Masterpage)
  8. Add Gradient to Margins (Masterpage)
  9. Create Content Pages
  10. Add Menu Control (Masterpage)
  11. Configure Menu Data (Sitemap)
  12. Configure the Menu Appearance and Layout
  13. Fix Masterpage Image Problem
  14. Create About Page, Store Information Page and add content
  15. Create Products Database Table, Newsletter Database Table
  16. Create Admin, Edit Products, New Products, Edit Newsletter and New Newsletter pages in sAdmin Folder

    Products Admin Pages
  17. Add DetailsView to New Products Page
  18. Change Headings and Change Bound Field to Template Field on New Products Page
  19. Add Ajax Editor to Template Field on New Products Page
  20. Add User Feedback for Database Insert
  21. Add A Listview to display product data
  22. Add an image control to the listview, and get it's data from the database
  23. Add Gridview to Edit Products Page
  24. Add DetailsView to Edit Products Page, tie to GridView selection
  25. Toggle DetailsView and GridView visibility
  26. Fix "Potentially Dangerous Write" Error
  27. Set DetailsView to always be in Edit Mode, and add code to toggle visibility on Cancel
  28. Fine tune appearance of gridview on Edit Products page
  29. Add confirmation to delete on Edit Products page
  30. Add error checking to database delete and update on Edit Products page

    Newsletter Admin Pages
  31. Add DetailsView to New Newsletter Page
  32. Change Headings and Change Bound Field to Template Field on New Newsletter Page
  33. Add Ajax Editor to Template Field on New Newsletter Page
  34. Add User Feedback for Database Insert on New Newsletter Page
  35. Add A Detailsview to display newsletter on the Newsletter Page
  36. Change to Formview to display newsletter on the Newsletter Page
  37. Add Gridview to Edit Newsletter Page
  38. Add DetailsView to Edit Newsletter Page, tie to GridView selection
  39. Toggle DetailsView and GridView visibility on the Edit Newsletter Page
  40. Add Ajax editor to detailsview, fine tune gridview in Edit Newsletter page
  41. Fix the cancel button and add user feedback on detailsview on Edit Newsletter page
  42. Ask the user before deleting records on the Edit Newsletter page
  43. Add error checking for database delete and update to Edit Newsletter page
  44. Update Sitemap Data

  45. Start membership, add login and setup accounts and permissions
  46. Add login status
  47. Hide secure menus
  48. Make secure Manager folder, add createuserwizard
  49. Add wizardstep to add roles to create user wizard
  50. Fix createuserwizard complete button (last step of wizard)
  51. Don't log in as newly created user
  52. Add delete user VB code
  53. Add gridview to display all users to deleteUser page
  54. Customize gridview columns on deleteUser page
  55. Toggle views on delete user page
  56. Add code to delete button on gridview on delete user page
  57. Add javascript to prompt user on delete user page
  58. Add verification and error checking to delete user page
  59. Add manager pages to menu, and hide folder

    Old Newsletter Page
  60. Add page to view old newsletters, and put a gridview on the page
  61. Format the gridview on the old newsletter page, and add a formview for viewing the selected newsletter
  62. Toggle the visibility of the gridview and formview on the old newsletter page

    Masterpage and Home Page (Visual Design)
  63. Set padding and default typeface on masterpage
  64. Set menu height and width, and padding (on masterpage)
  65. Add rounded corners on menu (on masterpage)
  66. Change menu colors and fine tune menu item spacing (on masterpage)
  67. Get weather widget for home page
  68. Position (float) picture and widget on home page
  69. Change background gradient on masterpage, and padding on the home page
  70. Remove the top padding and top margin on masterpage
  71. Tweak menu colors and login text on masterpage
  72. Add right sidebar on home page
  73. Redo padding, space between items on masterpage
  74. Add titles to sidebar items and main picture box on home page
  75. Fix title padding on image div on home page
  76. Adjust padding on main picture on home page
  77. Format the quick links sidebar list on home page
  78. Add the sidebar links on the home page
  79. Add a background gradient to the sidebar links on the home page
  80. Remove the titles from the facebook and weather sidebar boxes on the home page
  81. Change the main gradients on the masterpage (again)
  82. Add a gradient to the menu on the masterpage
  83. Add a footer with hours, phone and address to the masterpage

    Content Pages (Visual Design)
  84. The About page (copy CSS styles to masterpage for use in all
  85. The Products page
  86. The Newsletter page
  87. Adjust the font-size on the Newsletter page (and discover a bug in ASP.Net)
  88. Add a gradient background to content page titles
  89. Add the newsletter date as a subtitle on the Newsletter page
  90. Adjust the newsletter subtitles and adjust image padding on Newsletter page
  91. The Location and Hours page
  92. The Community page
  93. The Trails page, and the Wall of Fame page
  94. Add Gift Certificates and Old News to the menu (Web.sitemap)
  95. Adjust product headings on the Products page
  96. The login page
  97. Crack open Login control to adjust textbox size
  98. The Admin and Manager pages
  99. The Community page
  100. The Community page
  101. The Community page