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CS218 ASP.Net - Getting Started With ASP.Net and VWD

  1. Downloading and installing VWD (video, Microsoft VWD Download page )
  2. VWD Registration (video)
  3. Overview of The VWD interface - menus panels and toolbars (Need Video)
  4. Creating ASP.Net Sites and Documents
    1. Creating a New Web Site - name and location (Video)
    2. The Solution Explorer and Creating files and folders (Video)
    3. ASP.Net Web Site vs Empty ASP.Net Web Site (Video)
    4. Copying and Moving Web Sites (Video) - Working on multiple computers
    5. Adding External Files To A Web Site (Video)
    6. Deleting Web Sites (Video)
  5. Basic Editing (HTML documents)
    1. Source, Design and Split views (Video)
    2. The Problem with VWD's Design View CSS (Video)
    3. Adding text, images and links (Video)
    4. Properties Panel Overview(Video)
    5. The Toolbox (Video) - It's <ctrl-alt-X> to show toolbox if it's missing.
    6. Viewing HTML Files and the Changing Default Browser (Video)
    7. Testing in multiple browsers Microsoft's Super Preview
  6. ASP.Net Documents (.aspx files) Differences From HTML Files
    1. Creating an .aspx file (Video)
    2. Differences between an HTML file and a .aspx file (Video) - the extra toolbox controls and the code
    3. Adding VB or C# code to a .aspx file (Video)
    4. Database Interface (Video)
    5. Creating an Example .aspx Page (video)