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CS218 ASP.Net

Class Description

This course will prepare students to develop web applications in the .NET arena using Microsoft's Visual Web Developer (VWD). Students will learn what .NET is, and how it's related to the CGI model. Students will learn how to create a web interface to a database and add/update/delete tables and records; create a masterpage to control site appearance and layout, use navigation controls to build dynamic menus, and control access to the sites and individual pages using different forms of authentication. Prerequisites: CS 102 and CS 114, or instructor's permission. All prerequisites must be passed with a 2.0 or better before taking this class.

This class deals with databases, programming and web pages; so it will be most beneficial to students who have at least a minimal understanding of these subjects.

Course Outline

  1. Class Introduction
  2. Getting Started with ASP.Net and VWD
  3. Boxes and positioning
  4. Page Layout and Masterpages
  5. Database 1 - The Gridview
  6. Database 2 - The Detailsview
  7. Database 3 - Tie a Detailsview and Gridview together
  8. Database 4 - Templates
  9. Database 5 - Advanced Templates
  10. Database 6 - ListView, Formview and Datalist
  11. Menus (Navigation Controls)
  12. Security and Membership
  13. Ajax Controls
  14. Validation Controls and Error Checking
  15. Profile Information (Extending Membership Data)
  16. Sending email
  17. Programming
  18. Running a Production site at GoDaddy and Using SQL Server
  19. Making a Web Site From Start To Finish - The Runners Soul Site

Complete Detailed Outline

Notes on MVC