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CS218 ASP.Net - Databases and the Gridview

  1. Creating a simple Access Database and adding it to your web site (video 5a1)
  2. Displaying a database table with a gridview control - method 1 dragging from database explorer (video 5a2)
  3. Gridview method 2, talking to Rob and manually configuring the datasource (video 5a3)
  4. The accessDatasource (video 5a4)
  5. Gridview appearance - autoformat, properties and source (video 5b1)
  6. Edit columns - change order, header text, background color (video 5b2)
  7. Setting width of gridview and individual columns (video 5b3)
  8. Positioning the gridview (video 5b4)
  9. Sorting, paging and selecting with the gridview (video 5c1)
  10. Editing and deleting records with the gridview (video 5c2)
  11. Adding JavaScript verify code to buttons (video, code)