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CS203 Digital Graphics 1 (Photoshop)

Section 4 - Introduction to Layers

In this section we talk about one of the most fundamental concepts in Photoshop, which is layers. You will learn what layers are, how to create them, how to change the order of layers, how to organize layers and how to link layers temporarily and permanently.

  1. Preliminary - Basic shapes, colors and painting (XXX Need Video)
  2. What are layers & the Layers Palette (XXX need to edit and add acetate and photo demo)
  3. Creating and deleting layers (XXX Need Video)
  4. What are layers & the Layers Palette, creating and deleting layers ( Video ps3a1FileNewOpenSave.wmv 3:51 )
  5. Setting the active layer ( Video ps3a1FileNewOpenSave.wmv 3:51 )
  6. Changing the layer order, duplicating layers and the Background layer (Video 4c1)
  7. Layer visibility and locking (Video 4d1)
  8. Naming layers and sizing layer thumbnails (Video 4d2)
  9. Organizing layers in Folders or Groups (Video 4d3)
  10. Linking layers (Video 4e1)
  11. Merging layers (Need Video 4e2)