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CS203 Digital Graphics 1 (Photoshop)

Section 3 - Image Basics

In this section you will learn the basics of creating, opening, resizing and saving image files in Photoshop. Some of the topics are split into multiple videos with at least one video that will show the basics without explaining all of the details. It will be enough for you to use the tools, but won't drown you in detail.

There are also videos that will cover all of the options as well as providing a description of what all the different options mean. These videos are marked as Advanced, and they are optional. That is, you won't need to watch them to learn enough Photoshop to pass the class, but they all have good information that you will want to learn sooner or later if you want to make a career of working with Photoshop.

  1. Downloading images from the Internet - copyright and licensing (XXX Need Video 3a0)
  2. Taking images of others and photo releases (XXX Need Video 3a0 Sample Photo Release Form
  3. Overview of opening and saving images ( Video ps3a1FileNewOpenSave.wmv 6:32 )
  4. Details of Creating a New image ( Video ps3a2NewDetails 10:49 )
  5. Details of Save For Web & Devices ( Video ps3a3SaveForWeb 5:52 )
  6. Opening an existing image and image modes ( Video ps3b1OpenModes 5:51 )
  7. Images size and resizing basics, plus viewing Navigator and rulers ( Video ps3c1ImageSizeResize 7:07 )
  8. Advanced - Details on the resizing algorithms. This is an advanced topic that you don't need to know about if you're just starting out. If you're in my class you can skip these videos if you wish.
    1. Advanced Resize details - the different algorithms. Nearest neighbor, bilinear and the bicubics. ( Video ps3d1ResizeAlgorithmDetails.wmv 7:54 )
    2. Advanced Resize details - Upsizing or making an image larger ( Video ps3d2EnlargingCheckingStepMethod.wmv 4:01 )
    3. Advanced Resizing vs. Resampling ( Video ps3d3ResampleAndResize.wmv 4:37 )
    4. Advanced The Auto Button (Need video)
  9. Changing the canvas size ( Video ps3e1CanvasSize 4:37 )
  10. Cropping Basics ( Video ps3f1CroppingBasics 2:42 )
  11. Advanced - Crop Tool Options
    1. Advanced Grid type and shield color ( Video ps3f2CropGridShield 3:18 , Rule of Thirds )
    2. Advanced Rotating the Crop box ( Video ps3f1CroppingBasics 2:42 )
    3. Advanced Fixing Perspective while cropping ( Video ps3f1CroppingBasics 3:54 )
    4. Advanced Hiding or Deleting the pixels outside the crop area ( Video ps3f5CropDeleteOrHide 3:32 )
    5. Advanced Constraining the crop aspect ratio ( Video ps3f6CropConstrainHeightWidth 2:47 )
    6. Advanced Using Crop Presets, and creating new presets ( Video ps3f7CropPresetsAndCreatingCustom 2:57 )
    7. Advanced Using Front Image to match crop size with another image ( Video ps3f8CropMatchSizeUsingFrontImage 1:50 )


Here's some information on choosing the resolution for your image. Understanding bitmapped graphic resolution

Here's some information on jpeg compression. Seeing The Difference With JPEG Compression

  1. Photoshop tutorial explaining the Color Modes (RGB, CMYk, Lab, etc.)
  2. An article that explains 32 bit color and HDR (High Dynamic Range) images
  3. Photoshop Essentials tutorial on Resolution
  4. Photoshop Essentials tutorial on Resizing vs. Resampling