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CS203 Digital Graphics 1 (Photoshop)

Section 2 - The Photoshop Interface

In this section learn the basics of the Photoshop interface. It's just an overview, you'll learn the details of each piece of the interface later. This is just to get you familiar with some of the terminology and to show you where some of the tools and menus are located.

Let me repeat this because it's important. This is just an overview, the videos are going to go over many parts of Photoshop very quickly. You're not expected to remember any details about the specific tools, palettes or menus; you'll learn those later in the class. So take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the videos.

  1. Sections of the Photoshop Interface
    1. The Main Menus, Toolbar and Context Sensitive Menu Area ( Video ps2a1MenusToolbar.wmv 6:29 )
    2. Palettes, the Well and Workspaces ( Video ps2a2PalletesWorkspaces.wmv 7:47 )
    3. Hidden menus and Rob ( Video ps2a3HiddenMenusAndRob.wmv 2:46 )
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts ( Video ps2b1KeyboardShortcuts.wmv 1:48 , Additional Notes )
  3. Zooming in and out and Scrolling ( Video ps2c1ZoomScroll.wmv 4:42 )
  4. Rulers, Grids, Guides and snapping ( Video ps2d1RulersGridsGuidesSnapping.wmv 6:04 )
  5. Screen Modes ( Video ps2e1Screenmodes.wmv 2:20 )

Keyboard Shortcuts

In addition to using the menus, Photoshop provides keyboard shortcuts for accomplishing many tasks. While it's not important to memorize all of the keyboard shortcuts, there are a couple you should use because you will use them all of the time and they will end up saving you a lot of time. There are also a couple of shortcuts that allow you to do things that aren't on any menu!

Photoshop uses the normal Windows shortcuts, things like <ctrl-c> for copy, <ctrl-x> for cut and <ctrl-y> to undo.

Smashing Magazine's Keyboard Map PDF file
List of CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts PDF file
400 Photoshop Shortcuts
  1. H (Hand Tool) - allows quick panning.
  2. <Ctrl + > (Zoom In) - Just like the browser zoom.
  3. <Ctrl - > (Zoom Out) - Just like the browser zoom.
  4. <Ctrl 0 > (Fit to screen) - that's the number 0, not the letter O. Just like the browser zoom.
  5. <Ctrl z > (Undo) - Undoes last step. To go more than last step hold <Alt> key.
  6. <Ctrl t > (Transform) - For resizing and rotating.
  7. <Ctrl d > (Deselect) - Turns off selection (the marching ants).
  8. B (Brush Tool)
  9. [ Makes brush smaller
  10. ] Makes brush bigger