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CS203 Digital Graphics 1 (Photoshop)

Section 1 - About Photoshop

In this section we talk about why you should learn Photoshop instead of other graphic software products, and then talk about buying Photoshop.

  1. Why Photoshop? ( Video ps1a1whyPhotoshop.wmv 4:57 )
  2. The different versions of Photoshop, and alternatives for buying Photoshop in 2012/2013. (These don't have any information about the Adobe Cloud subscription.) (Youtube Video, Video ps1b1Buying.wmv 5:40 )
  3. The 30 Trial Version ( Youtube Video , Video ps1b2TrialVersions.wmv 0:43 )
  4. Differences between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements ( Adobe's Comparison Chart Video ps1c1ElementsDifference.wmv 2:33 )
  5. What about using GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, etc.? ( Video ps1c2GimpCorel.wmv 2:33 )
  6. Getting Help - The Adobe Photoshop CS6 Help Site., The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Help Site (Even though it's CS4, it has tons of great reference materials.)
  7. Here are some funny sites that show what happens when you take Photoshop too far, or how it's distorting reality .
    1. Fotoshop by Adobe' Makeup
    2. Photoshop Fails
    3. Photoshop Animal Hybrids

If you want more information, you can also watch the free videos in sections 1 & 2 at Make sure and just watch the free videos. Do NOT sign up or pay to watch these videos.


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