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Test for Titan Homes flash animation.

Welcome to, my personal web site. Like most of my life, the web site is a little unorganized and messy. I have the best intentions to clean it up, sort it out, and finish it; but right now the boys want me to fix the Wii and their planes, the dog needs to go out, and I still haven't gone for a run.

So feel free to take a look around, but don't be surprised if you find a dirty sock, flat tire or carton of yogurt passed it's expiration date. And if this isn't enough for you, you can also check my blog, youtube videos, facebook page or wikis: Tri-Cities Film Festival Planning Web 2.0 Class CBC Technology Committee (I have a twitter site, myspace site, and some photo hosting sites but they're only for testing for my Web 2.0 book. Plus I'm too busy to tweet, text or drink beer with you. No wait, that's just an excuse. I'm not too busy, I'm really just too old, and as my wife says, I'm a typical guy and too aloof to care.)

Things I need to add or fix:
The pull-right menus don't work in IE 8 unless you're in IE in quirks mode. They don't work in Opera, but they do work in FireFox. Hopefully VWD 2010 will fix this, otherwise I'll have to dig into the JavaScript. The Workout Section
CBC Classes
Web Design and Development
The XHTML Book
Site and Browser Testing
Web 2.0 and Education 2.0
Yellow Screen Demo